Levi's Mom Speaks

Perhaps a simple 'no comment' would have been advisable. Since her December 18 arrest for allegedly selling OxyContin, grandmum's been the word for Sherry Johnston, but no longer. The mother of Levi Johnston, who fathered a son with Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol, revealed that her dependency on the opiate came after her hysterectomy eight years ago, and that complications led to seven additional surgeries. "I have been trying for years to deal with the pain...I have a medical pump inside me. I'd rather not comment any more but it's not everything that they're saying," Johnston said to People magazine. At least there's a wee distraction from those pesky drug charges: after seeing her new grandson, Tripp Easton Mitchell, Johnston said, "I started bawling...I think he looks just like Levi."