Levi Threatens Custody Battle

Levi Johnston and his family don’t want to be famous. “I'm not out here looking for fame,” said Bristol Palin’s ex while appearing on Larry King Live with his mother and sister. He’s “just trying to get [his] story out.” And the story, now, is that he hasn’t seen his son Tripp in over two weeks. While claiming that he is not in a “big fight with the Palins” yet, he implied he soon might be if the family refuses to allow him to “take [the baby] and that kind of thing, go do the father thing.” Johnston's mother Sherry was more direct, saying that taking legal action “is what we're going to have to do next. We were just hoping that we wouldn't have to.” A Palin family spokeswoman responded by saying that “Bristol is focused on going to college, raising Tripp, and advocating abstinence,” in spite of Bristol’s recent statement that abstinence is “not realistic at all.”