Late Night

Letterman's Office Bachelor Pad

Funnyman David Letterman’s secret to his apparent success with women may be his bachelor pad of an office at his CBS studio. In the wake of a blackmail attempt over his alleged affair with a staffer, details are pouring out about the late-night host’s supposed “love nest,” which includes a fold-out bed and kitchen, and is off-limits to all but a few co-workers. Stephanie Birkitt, ex-girlfriend of Letterman’s alleged blackmailer Robert Halderman, is among those speculated to have logged hours in the unconventional office Letterman sometimes stays in after his long commute from home. Of the recent media blitz surrounding the affair, Birkitt’s father said that he “guessed” his daughter was OK, adding, “It’s a tough time. That’s really all I can say.” Since Letterman himself broke the news of the scandal, he’s reversed roles to become a national punchline—last night on Saturday Night Live, Seth Myers commented that after sex Letterman would say, "Stay tuned for Craig Ferguson."