Artistic Athleticism

LeRoy Neiman's Silkscreens Fetaured in San Francisco

Apart from illustrating “Femlin” in Playboy’s monthly jokes section, LeRoy Neiman, a true man’s man in the art world, is best known for his silkscreens of sporting events, soon to be displayed at a new exhibition at San Francisco’s Franklin Bowles Galleries. NEIMAN 2010 gathers the famed artist’s silkscreens as well as rare original paintings and prints that he’s created throughout the past half century. Though his works teeter on the edge of abstraction, Neiman has been able to maintain the identification of his subjects, which likely contributes to why he’s one of America’s most-collected living artists. From his monumental Elephant Stampede to his rendering of P.J. Clarke’s, NEIMAN 2010 includes some of the artist’s most sought-after silkscreens among the more than 80 original pieces on display.