Legendary Met Director Thomas Hoving Dies

Tom Hoving may have lost his short battle with cancer Thursday morning, but his mark on the Metropolitan Museum of Art and museum world in general will certainly last for years to come. Not only did the jovial, but controversial Met leader personally acquire some of the museum’s most acclaimed pieces from the 1960s to mid-'70s, but his 78 years were full of accomplishments. Hoving was also a scholar, curator, New York City parks commissioner, bestselling author, magazine editor, and raconteur. Sadly, after being diagnosed with cancer late this spring, Hoving told Rogues’ Gallery author Michael Gross, “I’m a goner. But I have no regrets. I’ve had a terrific life.” Though he did make some enemies along the way, many found the time to bury the hatchet with Hoving in the days before his death. His friend and colleague Daniel Herrick said as the former Met director’s final days neared at home in New York, his wife Nancy stayed by his side.