Lawyer for Man Who Aided CIA Quits

The lawyer for the Pakistani doctor who is believed to have aided in the search for Osama Bin Laden has quit the case. Samiullah Khan Afridi said he received “final” warming from militants not to defend Dr. Shakil Afridi (no relation). “Now they have warned me to either quit the case or be ready to face the dire consequences,” the attorney told the Associated Press. Dr. Afridi was officially sentenced to 33 years in prison (which was later reduced to 23) for providing medical treatment to Islamic militants. However, it is suspected that he is being punished by the Pakistani government for helping U.S. officials find Bin Laden in Abbottabad. His vaccination program is believed to have secured the DNA to verify Bin Laden's location. Afridi has denied any involvement, but he is seen by many in Pakistan as a traitor for helping foreigners. Now, his lawyer says he has to resign from the case because “My family and I are under severe threat.”