Lawyer for Cop in Fatal Houston Raid Cries ‘Set-Up’

The lawyer for the officer who obtained a warrant for a deadly no-knock drug raid in Houston said claims that he fabricated evidence were a part of a “set-up,” according to The Houston Chronicle. “Is this case going to get drastically overcharged or charged inappropriately because the district attorney's office thinks that's going to be popular?” Attorney Nicole DeBorde said in defense of her client, Officer Gerald Goines. “I feel like it's a set-up geared toward that.” DeBorde also claimed documents had been “selectively leaked,” and officials were downplaying Goines' willingness to help in Houston police's probe into the fabricated evidence claims. "No one has said Goines has reached out to law enforcement to provide information, that he hasn't been available for comment because he's incapacitated," she said, noting that Goines was currently in the hospital suffering from a gunshot to the neck. “It's not like someone's hiding information—he's been medically unavailable[.]” An ABC13 report last week noted that investigators found none of Goines' informants had ever bought heroin from the house subject to the raid, and officials reportedly found two bags of heroin in Goines' car.