Lawyer: Footage Shows Man Was Unarmed When Fatally Shot by Chicago Cop

A video released Wednesday shows a black man was fatally shot by Chicago police as he tried to scale a fence. A lawyer for the man’s family said the video also shows that Maurice Granton, 24, was unarmed. “If you’re a young man in the city of Chicago, do not run from the Chicago police,” said attorney Antonio Romanucci. “Maurice did not have a weapon in his hand when he was shot.” The video does show officers talking about a weapon nearby, and a gun was found about 20 feet away from Granton. The Chicago Police Department has said that Granton fired at officers before he was shot. The Chicago Tribune reports that officer Sheldon Thrasher, who is African-American, shot Granton. He and another officer at the scene are back on active duty following a 30-day leave. The shooting is still being investigated.