Lawmakers Call on FBI to Investigate Reports of Undocumented Workers at Trump Properties

Ten lawmakers called on FBI Director Christopher Wray in a Wednesday letter to investigate “the disturbing allegations” that the Trump Organization routinely and knowingly hired undocumented immigrants to work at his golf clubs. After a group of workers was terminated on January 18, the letter notes, “some of these brave workers have now decided to come forward and detail an elaborate ploy by the Trump Organization to systematically procure cheap immigrant labor and employ undocumented immigrants—despite knowing that the documents they provided were false. In addition to this alleged criminal enterprise, the workers describe a culture of coercion, mistreatment, and instances of physical abuse.” The letter comes after a series of blockbuster reports from The New York Times and The Washington Post alleging that Trump Organization managers went as far as encouraging undocumented workers to secure fake documents and forcing them to hide during important events. The letter also asks that the undocumented immigrants who have come forward be protected, claiming that deporting them would amount to obstruction of justice.