Update: Laughing Chicago Cubs Guy Previously Helped Little Kid Get a Ball, Actually

Sunday’s game at Wrigley Field saw Chicago Cubs First Base Coach Will Venable toss a baseball to a little boy seated in the first row—and what happened next caused online outrage. In footage that set sports Twitter on fire, the ball is seen rolling under the boy’s seat and straight into the grasp of a visibly excited adult man, who grabbed it, proudly presented it to the woman next to him, and laughed and clapped at his own ingenuity—all while the young kid looked on. The Cubs tracked down the kid before he left the stadium and presented him with a baseball signed by infielder Javier Báez. But Deadspin reports all it not as it seemed—it rounded up eyewitnesses at Wrigley who said the guy actually helped the boy get a baseball shortly before the incident on the viral video, and then gave the ball from the clip away (to other kids) after he’d taken a photo with it.