Latino in America

Oft-criticized by cultural conservatives like Lou Dobbs, but little studied, Hispanic youths are one of the fastest growing segments of American society. Now a broad survey by the Pew Hispanic Center provides a glimpse into the demographic that accounts for one out of four newborns in the nation and 40 percent or more of millennial children in New Mexico, California, and Texas. Among the findings: only 41 percent of second generation Hispanic immigrants used "American" as the first term to describe themselves, with 21 percent using "Latino" or "Hispanic," and one-third their parents' country of origin. Addressing one fear of some anti-immigration activists, the study found that virtually all second-generation Hipanic immigrants speak English fluently. There was also a gap between the generation's aspirations and outcomes: while nearly all consider a college degree important, fewer than half planned to obtain one, and while 75 percent were against teen motherhood, one in four Hispanic girls become mothers while still under 19.