Larry Nassar Assaulted in Prison—and It’s the Judge’s Fault, Lawyer Says

Larry Nassar, the disgraced USA Gymnastics doctor who was accused of sexually abusing 156 women, was assaulted hours after joining the general population of a high-security prison, according to court documents. Nassar’s lawyer, Jacqueline McCann, blamed the assault on Judge Rosemarie Aquilina who allowed more than 150 victims to speak at his sentencing hearing. “The judge used the nationally-televised proceeding as an opportunity to advance her own agenda,” McCann insisted. “Unfortunately, Judge Aquilina’s comments and conducting of the sentencing proceeding appeared to encourage this type of behavior.” She also said the judge “indicated her expectation that he would be harmed in prison, without condemning it.” Nassar is appealing his sentence, according to documents filed Tuesday. The assault may allow him to be transferred to another facility if it is determined he is in danger.