LaRouche Believer Wins Dem Primary

Guess some American politicians are still holding grudges from the Revolutionary War. After winning the Democratic primary in Texas’s 22nd Congressional District, Kesha Rogers said, “I am leading a war against the British Empire. I’m not worried about what Democratic Party hacks say or do.” In her victory announcement, Rogers went on to say that “President Obama must go,” due to his “dismantling of the manned space program, his efforts to ram through a fascist, killer ‘health-care’ policy, his endless bailouts for Wall Street swindlers, while demanding budget cuts which will increase the death rates among the poor, the sick, the elderly, and the unemployed.” According to The Washington Independent, Rogers' attacks on Obama are influenced by the Lyndon LaRouche “cult,” but the irony is that Rogers herself is being packaged as an “Obama campaign lookalike.” The Independent points out Rogers’ site sports the white Gotham font on blue logo—identical to that of the Obama campaign.