Natural Disaster

Landslide, Flood Hit Chinese Town

The Chinese town of Zhouqu woke up to devastation Sunday morning, as an overnight landslide left hundreds of homes under thick mud and caused floods that destroyed hundreds more in the remote northwest region. Nearly 130 have been confirmed dead and almost 1,300 people are still missing. The rescue effort's manpower includes 4,500 soldiers, firefighters, and medical staff who have been sent to the area. Some 40,000 people have been evacuated and thus far 700 have been rescued. The landslide, with mud as deep as six feet, struck the town of about 40,000 around midnight. When mud reached the river, it created a dam and a resulting flood. China’s president, Wen Jiabo, has traveled to the area to oversee relief. “There’s water everywhere. It’s flooded everything,” said a local official. “It’s just too horrible to witness.” Forecasters predict more rain for Wednesday, and according to officials, landslides are still occurring.