Landlords Won’t Rent Office to Rubio Because of ‘Disruptive’ Protests

It’s been four months since Sen. Marco Rubio was kicked out of his Tampa office because of the weekly protests held outside—and his team still hasn’t been able to find new digs. So Rubio’s itinerant staff has been working out of libraries and public spaces in the metro area instead. A spokeswoman for the Miami Republican said staffers are working to find a space as soon as possible. Last March, Rubio’s Tampa landlord notified him that the lease would not be renewed in February due to the disruptive demonstrations. Rubio’s team did not respond to Tampa Bay Times’ questions about where it’s storing the sometimes-sensitive constituent documents that are usually found in a U.S. senator’s office. Previously, Rubio said he hasn’t been holding town-hall events because activists will “heckle and scream at me.”