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Lambert Fears Looking 'Too Gay'

Glambert’s always been gay—but is he “too gay”? Out magazine editor Aaron Hicklin claims Lambert’s team was so worried about the star coming across as “too gay” in his recent cover for the magazine’s “Out 100” issue that it demanded the star appear in a “group shot that includes a straight woman.” In an open letter to Lambert, Hicklin wrote: “We’re curious whether you know that we made cover offers for you before American Idol was even halfway through its run. Apparently, Out was too gay, even for you. There was the issue of what it would do to your record sales, we were told. Imagine! A gay musician on the cover of a gay magazine. What might the parents think!” The magazine’s editors also say Lambert will likely skip the Out 100 party, which could “jeopardize his record sales,” according to the Village Voice’s Michael Musto.