Diva Alert

Lady Gaga's Kanye-Free Tour

Just when you thought Lady Gaga couldn’t go even further over the top, she’s revealed some outlandish details of her upcoming solo tour, called The Monster Ball, which will be a “beautiful, expensive-looking, delicious show.” In an interview with Rolling Stone, Gaga described the tour as a “pop-electro opera”: “Imagine if you could take the sets of an opera, which are very grand and very beautiful, and put them through a pop-electro lens.” The sets and costumes of the tour will be inspired by the demons the singer says she has battled through the years. Earlier this month, Gaga and Kanye West announced that they had decided to nix their joint Fame Kills tour as West opted to take some time off. (On her Twitter account, Gaga choreographer Lori Ann Gibson blamed “creative differences” for the cancellation.) Gaga’s solo adventure—which she says won’t contain anything she co-designed with West—kicks off in Montreal on November 27 and will make pit stops in 16 North American cities.