Lab Tech Tried to Cover Tracks

The Yale lab tech accused of killing student Annie Le allegedly attempted to cover up the crime by trying to hide lab cleaning equipment that contained blood splatters and cleaning the area where Le had been before she was reported missing, law enforcement officials told the Hartford Courant. Investigators found a single bead from Le's necklace and blood droplets in the lab where she was last seen, leading to the theory that she fought for her life. Clark told police, though, that scratches and bruises on his arms and back were from a cat and playing softball. Tracking their ID swipe cards, investigators believe that 24-year-old Raymond Clark III was the last person to see Le alive. ABC News reports that before Le was reported missing, Clark allegedly sent her a text message that he wanted to talk to her about lab cleanliness. After interviewing around 150 people, collecting almost 300 pieces of evidence and reportedly finding his DNA on the crime scene, police arrested Clark Thursday morning at a Super 8 Motel in Cromwell, Conn. He was charged with Le’s murder and put on a $3 million bail.