L.A. Police Say Killed 14-Year-Old Fired First

Police in Los Angeles on Wednesday said a 14-year-old boy shot dead by police a day earlier had fired on police officers first. Police had been investigating a report of vandalism when they ran into two teenagers, one of whom ran away. While pursuing him, police say the boy fired a weapon at the officers and was subsequently killed when they returned fire. The boy, identified as Jesse James Romero, died at the scene. “According to a witness who saw the subject running from the officers, the witness saw the subject shoot a handgun in the direction of the pursuing officers,” LAPD Deputy Chief Robert Arcos said at a news conference Wednesday. “While the loss of life is always tragic, it is particularly so when the loss involves a youth.” A loaded handgun was found near Romero’s body, but forensic experts have yet to check to see if it was fired. Investigators also plan to review video from the officers’ body cameras, police said.