Kyle Schwarber Not Cleared to Play Field, Won’t Start Game 3

Chicago Cubs phenom Kyle Schwarber has not been medically cleared to play the outfield, even though he was seen standing in the outfield during defensive practice Thursday at Wrigley Field. The 23-year-old slugger had a power-packed 2015 postseason before an injury benched him for the 2016 season. He made his triumphant return in Games 1 and 2 of the World Series, as a designated hitter, but questions and concerns have arisen over whether Cubs manager Joe Maddon would use the power hitter in the field with the DH option gone for the Chicago home games. Maddon had suggested that if Schwarber was medically approved to play the field, he’d consider starting him in the outfield. However, it appears that Schwarber will be used off the bench in Game 3, as general manager Theo Epstein announced that the young star had not been given approval by a doctor to do anything other than hit and run the bases. “We’re all disappointed,” Epstein reportedly said, noting that the doctors said fielding would be too much of a risk for the recently injured athlete.