Kurt Warner Retires

After a storybook career, 38-year-old quarterback Kurt Warner has decided to hang up his jersey and move forward with the next phase of his life. "I'm excited about what's next," Warner said in his announcement Friday. "Before I was always excited about next season." Although Warner still has the skills to play in the NFL, has a year left on his two-year, $23 million contract, and had one of his greatest performances in the postseason victory against Green Bay, the Cardinal's defensive tackle Darnell Dockett said Warner has "to do what's best for his family," and that he has "played long enough." Despite the fact that Warner played his first game when he was 28 (which is considered old for the NFL), his performance on the field could land him in the Hall of Fame, especially considering that he has a better career completion percentage, yards per pass attempt, and yards per game average than the 14 other quarterbacks already honored. He has also been honored for his work off the field, and was named the NFL's Man of the Year last year.