Kobe Bryant, Auteur

Kobe Bryant may call the shots on the court–but he certainly doesn't in the editing room. The hotshot Laker pulled quite the move when he demanded that Spike Lee, who was set to film Bryant’s documentary, Kobe: Doin’ Work, relinquish creative control. Lee was set to film Bryant’s game against the San Antonio Spurs on April 13, and had 30 cameras in place, when Bryant suddenly refused to cooperate. Lee went so far as to chase Bryant down, calling him nonstop and visiting his home to get him to sign back on to the project. Now, everything’s back on track. According to one source, at the start of the film, "when Kobe arrives at the Staples Center and sees Spike with the camera, he gives him a big smile and thumbs up, showing he knows he won the battle." Leave it to Kobe to run Lee through a loop.