Cuteness Overload

Knut the Polar Bear Finds a Home

Berlin officially got a little bit more adorable today: the city's zoo has agreed to pay $600,000 for ownership of Knut, the 3-year-old polar bear who's been the center of a financial dispute since his birth. After Knut's mother rejected him in 2006, "Knutmania" ensued, prompting the zoo that owns Knut's father to fight for rights to the tyke. And who could blame them? Knut garnered a Vanity Fair photo shoot with Annie Liebovitz, a film, and stuffed likenesses galore, not to mention the fact that attendance at the Berlin Zoo has roughly doubled since Knut's debut. "It's nice that he can stay in his home city, because he's so well-known here," said zoo patron Caroline Schulz. "We came especially to see Knut."