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Knox: Roommate’s Death Was “Yucky”

Amanda Knox told an Italian court that the death of her former roommate Meredith Kercher was “yucky” and “disgusting”—like something from the crime TV show CSI—in her self-assured appearance in court Saturday. The prosecuting lawyer asked why Knox told police that Kercher’s death was a slow one, since she claims not to have been there for her friend’s murder. “I heard that she had her throat slit and from what I saw in CSI these things are not quick or pleasant so I said, gosh…bleargh…this brutality, this death…bleargh…it really did shock me,” Knox replied. The 21-year-old American student is accused of murdering Kercher after she refused to participate in a violent sex game and then trying to pin the crime on her boss. Knox’s Seattle-based family has launched an impressive PR and legal campaign to defend their daughter from the accusations.