Kluwe, Vikings Settle Anti-Gay Charges

Former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has settled with his old team over allegations of homophobic behavior. To avoid a potentially lengthy lawsuit, the Vikings have agreed to donate to five LGBT-friendly charities over the next five years in addition to the $100,000 it has already agreed to donate to these types of groups. The Vikings also agreed to enhance the sensitivity training it is already forced to undergo. Kluwe believes the settlement will "do a lot of good for a lot of people." Kluwe alleged he was subjected to multiple homophobic remarks by special teams coordinator, Mike Preifer, who was issued a three-games suspension. Klume also claimed the Vikings released him in May 2013 because of his support for same-sex marriage. The Vikings conducted an internal investigation into homophobia within the team. “Our main concern was seeing, 'Is there a systemic problem in the Vikings organization? Is there something they're covering up that we need to expose?'” said Kluwe after reviewing the investigation. “By being able to look at the report, we found there wasn't that systemic problem.”