Kinsley Blasts Newsweek

In a blistering review printed in The New Republic, former TNR editor Michael Kinsley tears Newsweek—and its latest reinvention—a new one. Though Kinsley says Newsweek editor Jon Meacham is "a very smart and thoughtful guy," he completely misunderstands his medium. Now that the internet has rendered Newsweek's weekly current event summaries obsolete, Kinsley argues that glossies like Newsweek and Time "should stop worrying about that and hope to find appeal in trends, service pieces, fine writing, muckraking exposes, provocative argument, and other traditional non-news magazine fare." Instead, Kinsley says, the new Newsweek clings to out-of-date departments and stiff, impractical hierachies. Among the offenders: Letters to the editor, which forces the magazine to revel in two-week-old content despite internet comment board's ability to provide feedback faster and better; frivolous use of infographics; and Meacham's own profile of Obama, which falls prey to the "stale formula" of anecdote-centered newsmag profiles.