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Kiki Kannibal: Blamed For Her Own Rape

Kiki Ostrenga began posting photos of herself to MySpace when she was 13 under the name of "Kiki Kannibal." While she endured some taunts, nothing prepared her for the attacks she faced after an older man who allegedly raped her killed himself when police tried to arrest him. The teenage gossip website StickyDrama.com, whose then-28-year-old proprietor Chris Stone would post nude photos and videos of teenagers, published a photo of the dead man’s coffin and said Kiki was “responsible for his death.” Hackers attacked her computer and posted her voicemails online. When her family tried to shut StickyDrama down, Stone wrote, "We really are going to destroy your reputation." At the same time, Stone was trying to set up “StickyHouse,” where he invited teenagers to live so he could film them. "I'm buttf-----g a legit str8 boy tonight, or he's homeless, lol," he wrote once. Stone also posted a pic of himself sleeping beside a teenager. He is now a law student in Los Angeles.