Kiefer's Head Butt Pain

Was he method acting? When Kiefer Sutherland allegedly head-butted Proenza Schouler designer Jack McCollough at an afterparty for the Met Costume Gala in Manhattan early Tuesday morning, he might have violated his parole for a DUI. The 24 star served more than a month in jail after pleading guilty to driving under the influence in 2007 in Los Angeles, his second offense. He was sentenced to 60 months’ probation, which means he could go back to jail to serve 10 more months if he violated parole. Police are investigating a claim that Sutherland broke McCollough’s nose after the designer slighted actress Brooke Shields (Shields’ rep denies this report). “Kiefer is sorry it happened,” Sutherland’s friend told E! News. “Absolutely. It’s terribly regrettable.”