Kidnapped Man Speaks about Yacht Hijacking

Paul Chandler, whose yacht was hijacked on Friday off the coast of Somalia, spoke briefly on the phone today to ITV News from the container ship where he and his wife are being held hostage. His brother-in-law confirmed that the voice was his. "I was asleep and men with guns came aboard," Chandler said. The pirates had Chandler and his wife Rachel sail toward Somalia, at which point the two were placed aboard the container ship Kota Wajah, which had been seized by pirates earlier this month. The pirates took "everything of value on the boat" and "kept asking for money," Chandler said, though they had not yet officially asked for ransom. Chandler was asked how he and his wife were being treated, but the connection was lost before an answer came. Some local fisherman said they had seen the Chandlers being taken to a village in Somalia.