Kellyanne Conway Clarifies Trump Plan to ‘Defeat Islam’

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway raised some eyebrows Wednesday morning when she stated on MSNBC that her candidate has a “five-point plan to defeat Islam.” Conway was trying to deflect attention off Trump’s increased talk about a “rigged” election and onto his more substantive policy plans, but in the process she misspoke and indicated the Republican wants to “defeat” an entire religion that consists of approximately 1.6 billion adherents worldwide.

Blaming "sleep deprivation" for her misstatement, Conway clarified in an email to The Daily Beast that she was referring to Trump’s “5-point plan to defeat radical Islamic terrorism.” She added: “He delivered a speech on it months ago and has discussed it many times since. All of this is in the context of who does and does not present specific solutions and plans publicly, even if they are not covered widely. Folks are free to reject or disagree with the plans but at least they can examine and assess them.”

— Matt Wilstein