What's Next?

Keeping Haiti's Survivors Alive

As aid workers and supplies are rushed into Haiti, the country’s crippled government and collapsed infrastructure are creating a bottleneck, allowing only a trickle of support to reach thirsty and hungry survivors. In central Port-au-Prince, more than 1,000 rioters looted homes and shops for whatever goods they could find. About 1,700 people camped out in a field, begging for the biscuits and water purification tablets that aid workers provide. With only one airport runway, a ruined port, and littered roads, getting supplies to people is a logistical nightmare. Spots have been cleared in the capital for helicopters to land, but throngs of people clamoring for help have made landings difficult. The U.S., which is controlling the airport, is being criticized for focusing more on security than on delivering food. But more than $48 million worth of food supplies has been shipped from Texas, and 600,000 packaged meals have been distributed.