‘Kayak Killer’ Wants to Cash In On Fiancé’s Life Insurance

The woman who admitted to sabotaging her fiancé’s kayak and paddle just before watching him drown in the Hudson River is fighting to cash in on his death. Angelika “Kayak Killer” Graswald admitted to removing Vincent Viafore’s kayak drain plug and pushing a floating paddle away from him before he drowned in 2015. As part of a plea deal, she was charged with criminally negligent homicide—a charge that doesn’t make Graswald ineligible for a share of Viafore’s life-insurance payout, as she was listed on the policy as a beneficiary. Unless the family can prove that Graswald “recklessly” caused his death, a judge has ruled that she is eligible for the funds. The victim’s mother, Mary Ann Viafore, told the New York Post, “She doesn’t deserve the money. She caused his death!”