Katie Holmes' Scientology Collection

Katie Holmes: actress, mother, official trendsetter for L. Ron Hubbard’s church? “Ideal Org”—the umbrella organization of Scientology—is spreading the fashion gospel of Mrs. Cruise by incorporating elements of her style in the kits they’re sending to members of the church. In the church’s mailing, they include a fashion spread of red and black, vampire-chic outfits that includes long capes, and stitched cross pins that The Guardian thinks could have easily been inspired by Holmes. “In its entirety, the uniform embodies the essence of international style—at home in Rome or London, but not out of place in Nashville or Inglewood,” the pamphlet reads. The outfit apparently “unifies every Ideal Org staff member planet-wide—making a statement about the purpose they hold in common, and providing the dignity due these emissaries of a new civilization already on its way.”