Katie Couric Slams NYT's Errors

Watch out for Katie Couric: after a New York Times article on Walter Cronkite was followed with a long correction, Couric slammed the paper. “But I had to smile, albeit a tad ruefully, and I think he would too, when I saw the New York Times correcting a piece that had appeared following his death," Couric wrote in her "Notebook": "The article contained not one, not two, but seven errors about Cronkite’s life and career." The correction stated that Cronkite did not storm the beaches on D-Day, but covered the events from a warplane, and that his coverage of the moon landing occurring on July 20, 1969—not July 26. In her reaction, Couric cited Cronkite, famous for saying, ”Get it first, but get it right.” But TVNewser writes that Couric may have a motive for the attack: she and Alessandra Stanley, the newspaper's television critic who wrote the piece, may have had tension since Stanley wrote a memorably critical piece about Couric in 2005. But as Stanley is known for her errors—responsible, so far, for nine corrections in 2009—it looks like it’s Couric getting the last laugh.