Meet the Royals

Kate Has Lunch With the Queen

Forget Meet the Parents. Royal bride-to-be Kate Middleton passed a big test on Friday at Buckingham Palace when she shared a special Christmas lunch with the royal family, including the queen of England. The extended family only gathers on the rarest of occasions—usually marriages or major holidays—so for Middleton to be invited to such an intimate luncheon speaks volumes. And, according to accounts of the lunch, she passed with flying colors, mingling confidently with the 50 or so members of the extended family in attendance. “Kate Middleton is a confident young woman. I think we saw that on the engagement footage," said CBS News contributor Neil Sean. “While people might think it is slightly daunting to go in there, for her she has that super support of Prince William.” Kate is, however, not expected to attend the big royal Christmas event at the queen’s country estate at Sandringham, about three hours north of London, and will spend it with her family instead.