Karl Marx’s Gravestone ‘Vandalized With a Hammer’ in London

A memorial to Karl Marx has been attacked with a hammer and “will never be the same again,” according to the charity that runs the London cemetery where the German philosopher and economist was laid to rest. A picture shows the marble plaque on Marx’s grave damaged by a blunt instrument. Ian Dungavell, chief executive of Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust, said: “His name has been singled out, although the person wasn’t particularly co-ordinated... It will never be the same again, and will bear those battle scars for the future.” The protected memorial was erected to mark Marx’s tomb more prominently in 1956 after his remains and his wife’s were moved from another part of the cemetery. The incident has been reported to the police. Marx moved to London in 1849 and remained there until his death in 1883. His writings were key in the development of modern communism.