Kanye West Speaks about BFFs Marc Jacobs & Raf Simons

Kanye West is on the cover of Details' March issue, and inside the glossy, the rapper-turned-fashion designer (he launched his line Pastel three years ago and recently collaborated on a pair of sneakers with Louis Vuitton) muses on his sartorial role models. Among them is Raf Simons, the Belgian designer behind avant-garde brand Jil Sander. According to West, the two text "almost every day." While West has openly discussed his interest in a fashion internship in interviews as of late, he tells Details he's not yet signed on to doing one with Simons. "He talks to me a lot about fashion... but I'm not sure how an internship would work," West says. So, who's his favorite designer? None other than MJ. "Marc Jacobs is my fashion idol because of the way he merges all worlds, the way he's big in the hood and the head of the No. 1 fashion house in the world. For me, Jay-Z's my big brother, but what he was to me in rap is what Marc Jacobs is to me in fashion—the feeling I get when I look at him is exactly what I got when I'd look at Jay-Z in the studio."