Kanye West Slams Drake for Following Kim Kardashian on Instagram in 19-Tweet Rant

Kanye West on Monday launched into a 19-tweet tirade against fellow rapper Drake for following his wife, Kim Kardashian, on Instagram. “I’ve never mentioned or touched on anything related to family when it came to Drake he followed my wife on Instagram he mentioned Pusha’s fiancé in a song,” West began, in a tweet that has since been deleted. Tensions have flared between the two rappers ever since Drake dropped the hit song “In My Feelings,” in which he references sleeping with a woman named Kiki—Kim Kardashian’s nickname. West added, “Who’s bright idea was it to tell Drake to follow my wife on Instagram ? This person is not Drskes (sic) friend.” But after 15 other tweets—which included “I only play by God’s rules” and “Tweeting is legal and also therapeutic”—he seemed to have changed his mind. “I love everyone even Drake. That’s my whole thing,” West said, in another since-deleted tweet. “Love everyone,” he concluded.

After the tweets had been posted for about half an hour, West deleted 11 of them—scrubbing any direct references to Drake. He did the same thing Saturday, TMZ reported, when he reportedly found out for the first time that Drake was one of the 123 million people who follow his wife on Instagram. “I  never knew till this morning that Drake followed my wife on Instagram back in September,” he wrote in the since-deleted tweet, according to TMZ. “I had to bring this up because it’s the most f-cked up thing of all and I just saw it this morning.”