Kamala Harris: I Won’t Vote for a Wall ‘Under Any Circumstances’

Democratic presidential contender Kamala Harris said she would not vote for a wall “under any circumstances” Monday night during a CNN town hall. “Let me be very clear: I'm not going to vote for a wall under any circumstances,” the California senator told CNN’s Jake Trapper in Des Moines, Iowa. “And I do support border security, and if we want to talk about that, let's do that.” Harris described Trump's wall as a “medieval vanity project,” which elicited cheers from the crowd inside the Sheslow Auditorium. “Let’s upgrade the technology, let’s look at the fact that the folks who are working on border security on the ground know that they need upgraded infrastructure around things like drones, and they need cameras,” Harris continued. “So yes, I’m all for increased border security where we need it. I’m not for a wall.” The 2020 contender also answered questions about health care and what it would mean for her to be the first black woman president. To the latter, Harris repeated the words she said her mother would often say to her: “You may be the first to do many things, but make sure you're not the last.”