Judge Rules Against OWS

Where to now? A Manhattan Supreme Court judge sided with New York City Tuesday afternoon, declining to extend a previous restraining order against the city and the NYPD that had temporarily stalled the operation to clear Zuccotti Park, the home of the Occupy Wall Street protests. The city said it will allow the movement back into the park but will forbid any further camping out. Tuesday evening, the New York Daily News reported that about 500 protesters had gathered at Zuccotti Park, and were holding a general assembly meeting to decide what to do next. While there were rumors of a 10 p.m. curfew, police have not yet kicked protesters out of the camp ground. Meanwhile, in cities like Toronto, London, and Oakland, forced evacuations are becoming the norm. With Thursday being the two-month anniversary of the movement, protesters have vowed to continue to fight the 1 percent.