Judge Issues Injunction Against Trump, Stone Over Voter Intimidation

A federal judge in Ohio has issued an injunction barring Donald Trump’s campaign, Trump ally Roger Stone and Stone’s group “Stop the Steal” from intimidating voters at the polls. The court order comes as Trump’s warnings about voter fraud intensify, with the Republican nominee calling on his supporters to root out fraud at polling stations – a move Democrats fear will lead to voter intimidation. U.S. District Court Judge James Gwin’s order prohibits delaying voters or questioning them at polling stations, and it will be in effect “until voting in the 2016 Presidential Election is complete.” Gwin explained the move by saying certain comments made earlier by Trump and his supporters indicated that actions at the polls might break the law. Trump earlier urged supporters to monitor areas in Pennsylvania, and Stone was planning to conduct exit polling to detect voter fraud, a move that has now been barred by Gwin’s order. A spokesman for Trump said the court’s ruling would have no effect on Trump’s campaign, since it is already “doing everything in accordance with applicable law.”