The Way He Was

J.P. Morgan CEO, Poor Dresser?

J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon is a man with many titles—"Obama hanger-on, savior of Wall Street, and irritable dick," according to Gawker—but just one pair of pants. Evidently, Dimon loves tight jeans, an obsession that dates back to high school, as showcased by his 1974 senior yearbook page. He even rocked the look during last year's bailout meeting with the Treasury office. According to the biography Last Man Standing, Dimon failed to lose the look once the 1970s ended. He spent business school in jeans and a blue leather jacket and "his classmates actually remember that of the 75 students in their year, Dimon was the absolute worst dresser." Of Dimon's weekend style—tight black jeans and a black t-shirt, one executive quipped, "Jamie was dressed like Johnny Cash," adding, "I guess he thought he looked cool. But he didn't."