Joyce Mitchell Criticizes Ben Stiller TV Show About Her Role in Dannemora Prison Break

Joyce Mitchell says Hollywood’s portrayal of her role in helping two convicted killers escape prison in 2015 is untrue. Mitchell, who is serving a seven year sentence for her assistance in the prison break, denies that she ever had consensual sex with the inmates—as depicted in Showtime's new series “Escape at Dannemora.” Mitchell reportedly railed against Ben Stiller, the show's director, for the alleged “lies” he perpetrates through the series. “Ben Stiller is a son-of-a-bitch liar just like the rest of the world,” Mitchell told the New York Post. “He doesn’t care about the truth. All he cares about is making millions off me.” The escape of killers David Sweat and Richard Matt set off a 23-day, $20 million manhunt involving 1,300 law enforcement officers. The two had sawed their way through the walls of the prison with hacksaw blades and a drill bit Mitchell smuggled in. Mitchell admits she bought the blades, but says she did it because she was scared of the two. “I was stupid. They took advantage of my kindness,” Mitchell said.