Jon Stewart: ‘The Daily Show’ Didn't Bring Me ‘Joy’

In the second part of his interview with CBS This Morning’s Charlie Rose, promoting a new oral history of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart said that while hosting the late-night satire program may have brought him “satisfaction” and increased “confidence” as a performer, it did not bring him “joy.” He told Rose, “There’s a difference between satisfaction and joy,” adding that he finds “joy” in “driving a couple of knucklehead kids home from school.” Asked by the host if he will ever find something as “right” for him as The Daily Show, Stewart said he doesn’t think so. “It was a gift that I was fortunate enough to be graced with for all that time and to be in contact with all of those great people,” he said, “but I don’t expect to find that again.”

Last week, during part one of their interview, Stewart said of the presidential-election results, “I don’t believe we are a fundamentally different country today than we were two weeks ago” and accused liberals who would paint all Donald Trump voters as “racist” of practicing the same “hypocrisy” as conservatives who would suggest that all Muslims are a “monolith.”