Jon Gosselin's Apt. Trashed

The divorce may be final and the show may be over, but Jon Gosselin is still making headlines as his New York City apartment was reportedly burglarized and vandalized with a butcher knife on Saturday. After slashing the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star’s clothing, bed, and furnishings, the culprit reportedly left a note stabbed into the Gosselin’s bedroom dresser with a butcher knife. Though the note was signed with the name of his ex-girlfriend “Hailey Glassman” and referred to him as a “cheater,” anyone could have signed her name, according to law-enforcement officials. Whoever did write the note, however, allegedly took Gosselin’s television, Nintendo Wii, and cookware, among other items. Gosselin’s attorney also says a 100-year-old Ming vase was “smashed to pieces” and that the NYPD fingerprinted the photographed the crime scene on Saturday. Gosselin says he hopes felony charges will be brought against the perpetrator.