Jon Cryer's Ex-Wife Wanted Him Dead?

The custody battle between Jon Cryer, co-star of Two and a Half Men, and his ex-wife Sarah Trigger is not without its drama. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Trigger's lawyer claims that on December 21, Cryer's ex-wife told her lawyer that her ex-boyfriend, Eddie Sanchez, said he was going to kill Cryer and her estranged husband, David Dickey. Alarmed, Trigger's lawyer contacted the lawyers for both, but, when confronted, Sanchez denied all claims. "Mr. Sanchez not only flatly denied making such a statement, but he said that it was [Sarah Trigger] who had contacted him on numerous occasions, stating that she wanted to see the pair [Cryer and Dickey] dead." In response, Trigger's lawyer said the statements were false.