Jon and Kate Plus 8 Is Ending

Might the Jon and Kate drama—dare we say it—finally be over? The dueling couple might stay in the news, but their children will stay off of television: Jon & Kate Plus 8 will stop filming new episodes next month, according to the New York Post. Jon Gosselin recently forbade TLC from filming his eight children for the show, and the network will eke out a few more episodes before the show finally concludes in November. Kate—who says the kids have been teary-eyed since the film crews left and that she needs the income from the show to survive—has had no comment. Jon has said he wants the filming to cease because he recently had an epiphany and realized the show was harming his kids—not because he wasn’t to be included in an iteration of the show titled Kate Plus 8. Even if Jon changes his mind about filming, it’s unclear if TLC would restart the show.