Midterm Madness

John McCain Will Likely Win Primary Agaist Hayworth

It’s not quite the presidency, but John McCain (R-AZ) will likely win his primary battle against former Rep. J.D. Hayworth today, sending him back to the Senate for six more years. McCain is 15 to 21 points ahead in the polls, a big change from several months ago, when Hayworth’s challenge looked like a real threat. At a time when an anti-incumbent mood is supposedly sweeping the nation, McCain’s nearly three decades in Washington could have been fatal, as might have been his record on immigration reform. But the senator spent more than $20 million, dwarfing the $3 million spent by Hayworth, harshly attacked his opponent in broadcast ads, and took a sharp turn to the right. He could end up paying $75 a vote. If McCain does win, the damage to his “maverick” image might be lasting, as he came out in favor of a strong crackdown on illegal immigrants as well as Arizona’s controversial new immigration law.