Joe Miller Confronted on Missing Emails

Tea Party candidate Joe Miller is worried about missing votes in the Alaska Senate race he just lost to Lisa Murkowski, but his former supervisors are missing something else: a trove of thousands of emails that disappeared suddenly before Miller resigned as an assistant attorney. The case of the 15,000 missing emails has been raising suspicion for over a year, but the Fairbanks North Star Borough confirmed this week that it had asked Miller to explain what happened to the messages and why he deleted them. It also warned him that deleting emails from a government account is a felony, and officials said a criminal investigation is still a possibility. "We're operating in a factual vacuum," the Fairbanks attorney said. "I don't feel good about what happened here." The Alaska Republican Party, which has been pressuring Miller to end his quixotic fight for recounts in the Senate race, called the investigation a bogus drama, and said it found the borough's questions "disgusting."