Joe Biden: My Family Wants Me to Run for President

Former Vice President Joe Biden told reporters Tuesday that while he has not yet made a “final decision” on whether he’ll run for president, his family is supportive of the idea. “[T]here’s a consensus I should—they…want me to run,” he said, according to The Washington Post. “The first hurdle for me was deciding whether or not I am comfortable taking the family through what would be a very very, very difficult campaign.” He added, however, that there were a “couple hurdles” left before he could make a definitive decision—which he said he was “very close” to doing. “I don’t want to his to be a fool’s errand,” he said. “I’m not there yet. I don’t want to mislead you.” If he did run, Biden said he would “not be part of a Super PAC,” a political action committee that can raise unlimited amounts of money from corporations, groups, and individuals. “I can die a happy man never having lived in the White House,” he said. “But what I don’t want to do is take people’s time, effort and commitment without there being a clear shot I could be the nominee. I think I can.”